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Welcome to The Budning Eye Institute on-line

The office is now open!


***If you have received an appointment reminder please send us an email  (booking@eyemd.bz) to confirm your attendance (this will allow for proper booking)


***If you wish to receive an email reminder (and have not given us your best email to notify you at please email us with the appropriate information at booking@eyemd.bz



We will take  all safety measures possible to protect our staff and patients.

Please review the information below carefully


If you do not feel your visit is time sensitive please feel free to contact us to discuss the best time to reshedule your visit

Please be aware that due to the office shut down and reduction in current and future patients visits to allow for social distancing and sanitization we will prioritize care for those patients where a delay in care will have a direct impact on visual outcome.


 Please be aware that IF YOU ARE HEALTHY, cancellation, missed visits  or re-booking of your visit may lead to a delay of 6-12+ months due to overwhelming pent-up demand secondary to our closing March-May 2020, and decreased clinic volumes for the forseable future




****** Very importantly 

Dr. Budning will be available for telephone consults/ questions / concerns.  


Please email us at booking@eyemd.bz and place you concern and urgency in the subject line along with the best telephone number to reach you at.



Office visits and safety during COVID-19 (www.eyemd.bz or www.budning.com)

*** please be aware that patient volumes must be reduced considerably during this pandemic.  As a result, we must give priority to our patients in greatest need which includes those at risk for significant loss of vision, and those requiring surgical intervention.

Patients for routine examinations will need to be deferred, or when possible seen by an optometrist.

***We will do our utmost to help and direct care. ***


If your appointment has been cancelled, and you wish to rebook, please email us at booking@eyemd.bz with your/ your child’s name, your major concern, and urgency of request. We will email or call you back with an appointment time, or to discuss options if we are unable to see you in a reasonable time frame.

Prior to your visit to the office we ask you to do the following:

1. Pre-visit questionnaire: Must be reviewed, ir you have answered yes to any question (had any exposure for COVID-19)  please let us know and we will re-book your visit for the safety of other patients and staff.

Please find the questionnaire below or  at follow the one at https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment

 On the day of your visit:

1. YOU MUST WEAR A MASK/ face covering  TO THE OFFICE (babies excluded)

2. THE PATIENT(S) MAY ONLY BE ACCOMPANIED BY 1 CAREGIVER/ PARENT (to minimize the number of people in the office)

3. Please sanitize your hands prior to entering the examination room (sanitizer in the hall, and we will  provide in the office)

4. Please avoid touching any surfaces unnecessarily

5. You may be asked to wait outside/ at your car (we will call you) until the time of your visit to avoid any unnecessary contact with other patients or staff. (There may not be any seating in the waiting room - (based on our ability to keep wait areas sanitized)

*** we hope with the significant reduction in patient volumes there will be minimal to no wait for your visit so please come to the office no more than 15 minutes early. If you are late your visit may be deferred based on safety for others.

6. If your child wears an eye patch please bring a patch with you to the office for your visit


We will do our best to maintain accurate visit times. Please come 10-15 minutes early to register. We will then ask you to wait either in a spot where social distancing is possible, or outside/ at your car and we will call you on your cell phone when to come to the office.

*** You may call us when you arrive/ park to check status and to see if we can call you to come in for your visit. (905-820-5464)


Please read / answer the following questionnaire, if you answer yes to any of the questions please email/ call us to reschedule your appointment for when you are safe to come to the office



Your health and well-being are of the upmost importance and we are taking measures to keep the facility/office a safe environment for employees as well as the individuals under our charge and the public.

1.      Within the last 14-days, have you experienced a new cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition?



2.      Within the last 14-days, have you experienced new shortness of breath that you cannot attribute to another health condition?  



3.      Within the last 14-days, have you experienced a new sore throat that you cannot attribute to another health condition?



4.      Within the last 14-days, have you experienced new muscle aches or other symptoms that you cannot attribute to another health condition or a specific activity such as physical exercise?



5.      Within the last 14-days, have you had a temperature at or above 38°C/ 100.4°F or the sense of having a fever? 



6.      Within the last 14 days, have you had close contact, without the use of appropriate PPE, with someone who is currently sick with suspected or confirmed COVID-19?* (Note: Close contact is defined as within 6 feet for more than 10 consecutive minutes)



7.      Within the last 7 days, have you had any skin rash, abdominal discomfort or other health changes?




If the individual answers YES to any of the questions for the safety of others you will not be allowed into the facility/office.

 In this case Please contact us and we will re-schedule your visit.





We will be here to help you the best we can! 

Dr. A Budning 











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