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Pediatric eye surgery:

Your date for your eye surgery is:  ______________________________


Your responsibilities are:

1.     You must book an appointment with your family doctor for a history and physical examination 7-10 days prior to the date of surgery. At this time your doctor should fill in the preoperative questionnaire with you.


  1. If you have answered YES to any of the 10 questions in the pre-op booklet you MUST ask to see an Anesthetist at your pr-surgery clinic appointment.


  1. You MUST call the PER-OPERATIVE TEACHING CLINIC for an appointment prior to surgery. This appointment must be arranged as soon as possible to ensure you have an appointment spot prior to surgery. The clinic is located on Level III of the Credit Valley Hospital PHONE: 905-813-4408


  1. On the day of surgery, You must report to the PRE-SURGERY CLINIC on LEVEL III of the Credit Valley Hospital at: _________ (At least 2 hours prior to your surgery time).


  1. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING AFTER MIDNIGHT, THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR SURGERY. Children under age 3 may have clear fluids (water, apple juice, jello) until 4 hours prior to surgery time.


  1. For children over the age of 2 you may purchase a 5 gm tube of EMLA or AMITOP cream at any pharmacy and place it on the back of your child’s hands 2 hours prior to surgery. This will numb your child’s hands so they do not feel the intravenous being placed.


  1. Make sure you bring all forms that have been given to you with you to the hospital for both the pre-surgery appointment and the surgery appointment.

Failure to perform any of the above will lead to cancellation of your surgery.

You will be billed for missing your surgery date without informing us for any reason at least 3 days prior to surgery.

Please call this office if you have any questions regarding your surgery.


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