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Uninsured Services

Please be advised that the Budning Eye Institute/ Dr. Budning has a 24 business hours notice cancellation/rescheduling policy for office appointments*. This is in an effort to maximize all use of office, hospital and Ministry of Health resources, in addition to shortening wait lists for patients in need of specialist care.

Surgical missed appointments: Surgical time is extremely valuable to our healthcare system. Lost surgical time cannot be replaced. We require as much notice as possible for any surgical cancellation or necessary date change with a minumum of 1 week. Any recent illness or concern regarding your surgery should be conveyed to the office as soon as possible so that we have the opportunity to best care for your health and other concerns in a timely and respectful manner.

In accordance with the policies of the Ontario Medical Association, patients will be charged fees for any missed appointments or for appointments cancelled with less than 24 business hours notice. The cancellation fees are:


PRICE LIST (Uninsured Services)


Missed Appointments / Appointments cancelled <24 business hours in advance



Dr Budning Consultation or Annual Visit


Dr Budning Follow-up Visit


Orthoptic Examination


Missed Surgical appointment without prior notification
** Requires notification of the office 5 days prior to surgical date





Eye Exam with Refraction  for age 20-64 (Canadian Resident when not covered by OHIP)


Non-Canadian Residents / No OHIP (general exam/ consultation)

Partial examination (uninsured by OHIP



Contact Lens Fitting/Teach           


Fresnel Prism with installation


Lancaster test

OCT - uninsured (Optometry)



Office notes / Reports / Paperwork



Confirmation of Attendance  


Time off Work / Post-surgical


Medical Reports

$30.00-$50.00 (non- legal,  1st  page)

Insurance / Tax forms


Prescription Copies


Replacing Lost Pre-operative Package

$5, $10 (applies only if mailed)


Chart Copy/Release

$30 if attended office in last 3 years (First 20 pages, $0.25 per page thereafter

$40.00 if not attended in 3+ Years

$60.00 release for  legal use

$80.00 if not attended > 5 years, or if archived.




* We do not typically call with reminders for office appointment visits

**We always call to confirm surgical appointments















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